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Thaeta is live!

Thank you all for being patient! Thaeta is now live and ready for play. Please visit our lore, register on our forum, and read all about the two major cities that are currently open for play in our Alpha phase!

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Lore Spotlight: The Grid

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The Grid is Thaeta's internet, a system of information networks that connects nearly every citizen and computer on the moon ... (Read more)

Welcome to Thaeta!

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Thaeta is one of many human colonies in the Milky Way Galaxy that was founded before the Great War, a catastrophe that obliterated Earth’s population. Now without the support of their Earthling ancestors and far separated from any sister colonies, Thaeta persists in self-sufficient isolation. Over generations, its small settlements have developed a collection of new and thriving city-states with their own politics, technology, and culture. With their limited resources, Thaetans have been able not only to create a variety of technologies that improve their lives and bodies, but also to discover the power of a strange force that some have begun to call Magic.

In Thaeta’s modern day, thirteen cities and towns waver under the rule of one. The Nexus has risen up as the self-proclaimed capital of Thaeta and its governing forces, dubbed the Authority, are present in every civilized corner of the world. With this power, the Nexus’s leaders have imposed upon the people a goal of Assimilation: the replacement of living limbs and organs with synthetic parts. Complete assimilation would mean the end of Organicism, or the presence of organic intelligence on Thaeta.

Naturally, there has emerged some resistance to this goal.

Start Playing!

Thaeta is a forum-based role-playing game focused on creative collaborative writing and set in a science fiction universe. Players can write alone or in groups to explore the archipelago settled over a hundred years ago by a human colony, earn experience points, level up, and gain rewards for participating in large-scale plots and quests.

New and existing users are encouraged to read the Forum Rules before moving on to the forum proper. If you are confused as to where to start, please consult the What Do I Do First? thread. There is also a handy Starting Guide for those who still find themselves drifting in space.

From here you can:

>> Visit the Forum
>> Register an Account
>> Read the Starting Guide
>> Read the Lore
>> Ask a question in the Help Forum or in our Chat Room

Happy New Year!

Posted by Lark (Administrator) at Jan 1 2013, 11:57 AM. 0 comments

Though its solar days and years are much longer, the people of Thaeta record their calendars as they did on Old Earth. After another 365 24-hour days, they celebrate the new year of 113. Traditions vary between cities and homes, but gift giving and merrymaking are not far from most on this occasion.

Among other announcements and proclamations for the future, a large number of tickets to the Winter Olympics have been mailed for free to thousands of lucky individuals across the moon. Blamed partially on low sales but disguised as good will toward all, many cities are offering free passage to the games' city, Laures, as thanks for its hospitality.

OOC Note I: The event in Laures will be posted within the next few days, and all are encouraged to join! Your character should not be away from home for more than a week. The link will be posted here as soon as possible.

OOC Note II: Most people's bank accounts have gone untouched by the events of 112's fourth quarter. This is fine; since we have yet to account for a system of gaining income, players will not be held accountable for this last quarter's expenses. The coming days will show you how to make your character's job and expenses official.

Happy New Year!

Flashback Campaign!

Posted by Imbroglio (Administrator) at Nov 26 2012, 09:21 AM. 0 comments

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Goliath and David - Flashback Campaign
Thaeta's first campaign is under way! This flashback campaign aims to tell the story of Eden's fall during the Second
Rebellion. Join the Campaign here, or check out our Out of Character Discussion Thread for more information.

Singh, Sanctum, and Eden Open!

Posted by Imbroglio (Administrator) at Nov 6 2012, 11:04 PM. 0 comments

Hello, hello, Thaetans!

Thaeta's alpha run is going strong with more new content. Please welcome the following outliers of Thaetan civilisation: Singh, Sanctum, and Eden. Singh is a Family-Company run island city far gone from the lawful hand of the Authority; Sanctum sways beneath the weight of Singh's feudalist power struggle and the influence of the T'Masai Rebel Clans; and Eden is a long-forgotten (but dangerous) garden paradise for those looking for a slice of Old Earth.

These may be the last locations released for a while as Lark and I focus on the finer things in Thaeta and work to push from alpha to "live", with more intriguing plots and group campaigns. Keep an eye out for new articles, such as secondary magic and ongoing technology upgrades that may slip under the radar until another major update happens. And as always, we work to bring Thaeta to life for you, so please don't hesitate to request or write organisations and factions for these new and existing locations!

Thank you all for your continued support and interest; without you, Thaeta would be a couple of sci-fi nerds anticipating the future demise of Earth and the colonisation of extrasolar moons.

[PLEASE READ] Updates!

Posted by Lark (Administrator) at Oct 23 2012, 10:44 PM. 0 comments

Thanks for all of your patience as we move through our alpha phase. We've gotten way more starting players than we could ever dream and we're so glad that each of you has chosen Thaeta as a channel for your creative talent. I know Imbroglio and I have been a little quiet lately, but we've been working hard behind the scenes to get some things written and organized and posted. Here's a little update of the things we've gotten done recently:

  • The Question of the Soul - one of the site's prevailing themes and something you and your character should discuss over a long cup of coffee (or tea, if you're so inclined).
  • The Grid - some information about Thaeta's internet and how your character can access it. Grid connection upgrades don't require permission to include in a starting package!
  • Travel - it may not be immediately necessary, but eventually you'll want to get between cities and this is a handy tool for knowing how to do that.
  • Price List - where to find how much things cost, including travel, housing, and other items. It's currently incomplete, but it should have most of the important stuff and we hope to finish before the quarter's out.

We also made a development forum! If you would like to participate in site development, that's where you can find some information. Not only could we use all the help we can get, but as administrators we would really love to see this site be a product of the community as much as of our individual ideas. For more information on how to get started, see here.

AND Imby has been working very hard on our magic system and the various lore pages that describe it. Keep an eye out for new secondary magics, which should be posted in the coming weeks!

Finally, we're hoping to open up some new areas for play on November 1, namely Eden, Singh, and Sanctum. (Here's some more info.) We will definitely be looking for some factions and locations for these areas and it would be awesome if they came from players. There will be an official announcement for the lore postings and forum openings around these areas, but stay posted for more updates regarding these or any other development activity around the site.

As usual, we work at the request of our members so if there is anything you would like to see pushed to the top of the development list, let us know!

Thaeta Is A Go!

Posted by Imbroglio (Administrator) at Oct 1 2012, 12:50 PM. One comment

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Happy Thaeta Day, everyone!

I'm genuinely impressed with the handful of newcomers--just this afternoon--and their gusto in helping to develop this new and exciting world. Seriously, you guys have made my Thaeta day. We're here for the long run, and it's really the players that shape these sorts of games. So, thank you for your support!

Speaking of support, forums like these do their best advertising through word of mouth. You'll often see "a friend brought me" or "someone I write with somewhere else told me about you guys" in introduction threads. I'm asking you all, if you like Thaeta, to tell a friend!

You may have noticed that we still have advertisements. Don't worry; I'm on it. Those ugly things will be gone soon.
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